Monday, March 23, 2009

No Fluff, Just Stuff, Boston 2009

I just attended the New England Software Symposium March 20th -22nd. The keynote presented after dinner on the 20th was given by Jared Richardson. He said that everyone should have a blog and if they didn't they should start one that very night.

Doing my best to conform to non-conformity I went home and went to bed instead.

In Jared's book, Career 2.0, Take Control of Your Life, he talks about the fact that:
"When your catching crabs you don't need a pot with a lid. Once you get two crabs in the pot, none can escape. The one crab that reaches the edge, and freedom, is always pulled back in by the other crabs."

I need to either not be a crab at all or be the first crab that doesn't let the others drag me back in!


  1. I like that... be the first crab! Move quick and escape... I can already see some great logo ideas. ;)

    Looks like you're off to a great start on the blogging front! Great job.


  2. Awesome! welcome to the blogosphere!